The Summer Challenge!!

Hello readers,

Now that the summer is finally here, and we have more free time in our hands, I have been looking the books I have in my shelves to come up with a list of books to read. Before I have looked in internet for a challenge to follow, but most of the books included are classic drama, not my style. So I have decided to come up with my own detective/mystery challenge.

How does the challenge works? You have to try to read as many books as possible before September 15th (this way we have 2 months to complete the challenge). In the list below you can find classic detective novels (“The moonstone” is called by some the first detective novel) to romantic suspense (can’t help it, I loooove Nora Roberts books). You can read the books in the order that you like. After finishing one book I will post a review of it, so those of you that have already read by then, please do share your opinion.

  • “The Moonstone” Wilkie Collins
  • “Private #1 Suspect” James Patterson
  • ” The skull beneath the skin” P. D James
  •  ” The search” Nora Roberts
  •  ” Death sentence” Mikkel Birkergaard
  •  ” The key of Solomon” José Rodrigues Dos Santos
  •  ” The art thief” Noah Charney
  •  ” The case of the Caretaker’s cat” Erle Stanley

Let’s see who is up to the challenge. Enjoy 🙂