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Book Review – Follow me

Title: Follow me Author: Tiffany Snow Rate:   Where to find it? Amazon, Goodreads Hello readers,   Today I am bringing to you the review of Follow Me by Tiffany Snow. With only 23 years old, China Mack works for the best technology company, earns a very good salary and is content with her schedule to the… Sigue leyendo Book Review – Follow me

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Book Review: The Perfect Descent

Title: The Perfect Descent Author: Jessica Holbrook Number of Pages: 292 Publication date: 5 April 2016 Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers Where to find it: Amazon, Goodreads “Deacon Shaw is a washed up marine turned mercenary turned boozer employed to protect and train Madison Benchley-Lawrence, the youngest member in a grossly wealthy, world renowned family.… Sigue leyendo Book Review: The Perfect Descent

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Book Review – Forgotten Secrets

Title: Forgotten secrets Author: Robin Perini Number of pages: 370 pages Publication date: 19th July 2016 Where to find it?  Amazon Hello Readers! ” At age ten, Riley Lambert watched helplessly as her sister was abducted from her bedroom. Fifteen years later, she’s channeled the pain of her past into a career as an FBI… Sigue leyendo Book Review – Forgotten Secrets