Book series I have continued/finished so far this year

Hello readers,

This year I decided that I would finish and continue more series seems I’m very good at starting them but too bad to continue, maybe in part, because I don’t want to say goodbye to the characters. Nevertheless, I have slowly gone through some of them, so for today’s post, I’m going to talk about those. Just mentioned that these series either I have read this year or I have caught up with the last book published.

  1. The heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan


This is the very first series I read from Rick Riordan and I loved it so much! I just didn’t want to finish it because I wanted to know more about Percy Jackson and all the others. It was fast-paced and intriguing and loved the mix with greek and Roman mythology. I would have enjoyed that the ending was a bit longer, it felt that after so many books it all ended in seconds. I’m definitely going to continue with the rest of his series.

2. How to hang a witch by Adriana Mather

how to hang a witch.PNGhaunting the deep.PNG

Another series that I have loved and that surprised me. I thought that the way the author mixed past elements such as the drowning of the Titanic with magical elements was fantastic. Can’t wait to continue it.

3. The conspiracy of us by Maggie Hall

the conspiracy of us series.PNG

If you are looking for a high-paced, action-packed, intriguing and overall amazing series this is it. I got more surprised and hooked with each book and I binged read them.

4. Blood & Magic by Danielle Annett

Cursed.jpg kissed by fire danielle annett.PNG

It recently came out the third one, but this is a paranormal fantasy series with werewolves, witches and more. They are short books at the most 200 hundred pages and very addictive.

5. Mysterious detective by E.J.Copperman

written off.PNGedited out.PNG

These are a murder mystery series where a man thinks that he is the main character of a known murder mystery book series and contacts the author to tell her so. It was very funny, I listened to the audiobook for both of these and had a wonderful time.

These are all the series that I have finished or caught up this year. I highly recommend all of them. Have you read any of these? What did you think?



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