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Book Review – Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett

Hello readers,

Today I would like to share my review for Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett a paranormal urban fantasy start of a new series. So if you are into vampires, shapeshifters, mages and everything in between this would be a great addition to your TBR pile.


Title: Cursed by Fire (Blood & Magic #1)

Author: Danielle Annett

Publication date: February 18th 2018

Genres: New adult, fantasy

What is it about?

“Breakneck pacing, a strong fierce heroine, and a twist at every corner.” — CHERRY ADAIR, New York Times Bestselling Author

“I personally am a Kate Daniels fan, and I loved this series.” — Amazon Reviewer

Blood is going to spill …

I just hope it won’t be mine.

After two weeks of searching, I found the seven-year-old I’d been hired to find too late. His body broken and discarded. Dead.

My boss doesn’t want me to hunt down his killers. It’s too dangerous.

But the Pacific Northwest Pack steps in, hiring me to bring the bastards to justice.

Turns out the kid was half shifter. And shifters don’t abandon their own.

In a search that takes me through the maze of shifter hierarchy and the depths of the paranormal underworld, these killers underestimate how determined I am to mete out their punishment. Vigilante justice is the only kind these people understand.

Yes, blood will spill. And I’m determined it will be theirs.

You’ll love Cursed by Fire because its a fast paced Urban Fantasy novel with a kick butt heroine and unexpected twists around every corner.

My Review

After the awakening takes place different types of creatures emerged: vampires, shapeshifters, pyrokenesis, … All living among the humans. Aria is a pyrokenesis which means she is able to control fire. She is also a mercenary. Her last job didn’t end well, she was hired to find a little boy who had been kidnapped but she was too late to save his life. She is determined to find the boys killer even if that means to partner with the shapeshifter to find the culprit. Who could be behind this muder?

Great and absorbing world-building

One of my favorite parts was to know more about the world and about the awakening that made all these different types of creatures appeared. What types they were and what powers they hold. It was very interesting to read how the humans reacted to the awakening, what happened afterward and how the vampires and shapeshifters were able to maintain a treaty to avoid a war.

Nevertheless, I  was a bit disappointed on this because the author didn’t explain as much as I would have liked as she just assumed that we already know what happened.

Action-packed, addictive and absorbing

I was absorbed into this world from the very first page. In part because it was great following Aria around and seeing her act and fight. She was so reckless, didn’t stop to think before she acted which sometimes made her step into uncomfortable situations. She doesn’t know very much how to control her powers or how much power does she have, but she isn’t afraid to use them to protect people she cares about.

Though I found out who was behind everything it didn’t lessen my enjoyment and my eagerness to continue reading.

I couldn’t help myself and after finishing this one jump directly into the second. If you are looking for an intense paranormal read with suspense and action this is the book for you.



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