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Book Review – A time for Everything

Hello readers,

Today I’m coming to you with my review of ‘A Time for Everything’ by Brona Mills a contemporary time travel novel.


A Time for Everything
by Brona Mills
Publication date: April 29th 2017

My Rate: Excellent
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Time-Travel

What is it about?

What things in life should be left to fate? And if altered, could it destroy everything?

In this time-travel dilemma, twenty-year-old Michael is visited by time-traveller Audrey, who leads him down a path to improve his life.
But information comes at a price. Michael becomes aware of the deadly way in which Audrey was pushed back in time and the danger that awaits her.
Does knowing the future mean fate can be changed? Does Michael love Audrey enough to sacrifice the history created with her in the time-travel loop?
Will he risk the career he has built for his family’s financial security?
Can he save Audrey’s life by preventing the event that caused her time-travel?
Can he return her safely to her own time… to the arms of her waiting husband?

What are the rules?
What are the possibilities?
Could tampering with destiny lead to something else?
What would you risk to save the woman you loved, if the stakes were literally everything?

My Review

Mike Knight is an English student working in a Rental DVD store and trying to make ends meet while helping his parents with their B&B. On his 21st birthday, he received the visit of Audrey, a beautiful woman that came in a ball of light from the future. She starts telling him what he has become in the future, his life style and what he has achieved. Every year, on Mike’s birthday she comes back, but where is she in between? How is she going to come home? Will she be able to?

Sci-fi story with a realistic twist

I loved the story, it was the time traveler part that made me asked for it. I especially enjoyed the way it mixed sci fiction elements (time travel) with real life problems, like Mikes parents financial problems or the dilemma of what to do with your life.

Mike is such an adorable and lovable character. He is a hardworking man that decided that he wanted to change his life and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.  He is willing to make tough decisions to be an actor to have the kind of lifestyle that would assure to keep his family okay and help others. He changed his life just based on the information that Audrey gave him, which made me wonder if this was something he would really like to do, or he did because Audrey told him to?

I think that the author captures really nicely the actor facet of Mike, the hard it is to be nice to people you don’t know or how you need to give access to some aspects of your life to strangers. Living in the spotlight, the pressure it gives you need to like it, otherwise could be unbearable.

“…Your career will last if people like the person behind the actor. Build a cathedral. It’s like life or a career. One brick at a time and look what you can achieve.”


Heart-warming and inspirational story

Mike comes from a very modest family which is almost on the brink of bankruptcy. The business is not as good as it used to and he seems destined to be behind the counter of the shop he is working in or as an English teacher. He is determined to change that. And it was very motivational to see that in the end hard work and never giving up pays off. Not only for Mike but also for David and Stella who were with him and believed in him from the beginning.

Original way of talking about time and decisions

I loved the part related to the time travel and the scientific part of it.  One of my favorite parts of it was that it made me think about the decisions we made. In this case, Audrey comes from the future and provides tons of information to David and Mike and sometimes if felt like this condition them on taking that path, instead of exploring other possibilities.

“Too much information in the hands of the wrong person can have a devastating effect on their future and the future of people around them. That’s why global things can never be changed. If people try and stop terrorist attacks, the information they have and actions they take to stop it could create an even more devastating past.”

Furthermore, Audrey, began telling them about their futures, what they become, how and what have they discovered it made me think if they actually discovered anything at all, or it was all thanks to Audrey.

“Everyone is important. Some people can have the whole world handed to them on a plate so to speak, and they never make a difference. Others are always going to be pre-destined to create change, good or bad, in the world. It’s those people who need to be careful not to stray too far from the path they are supposed to be on. One slip, and it could have an impact on a lot of people’s lives. “

Even though I knew what was the connection and what was going to happen it was a fantastic read, with a final twist that made me cry.

This was a heart-warming, character driven with a great friendship contemporary novel that will catch you from the very beginning. Perfect for fans of “The Time Traveler’s Wife’ .

*I received this book from Xpresso Book Tour in exchange for my honest review. This is a wonderful read that will make you think of the decisions you made.


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