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Book Review- Murder in Little Sheldon

Hello readers,

Today I’m coming to you with my review for ‘Murder in Little Shendon’ by A.H.Richardson. Before jumping into the review, a little fan girl moment, I was contacted to ask if I would be interested in reading and reviewing this book. And once the package arrived it was dedicated and signed 🙂 yeeeeeeiih. So thank you so much for this it made my day!

Title: Murder in Little Shendon

Author: A.H. Richardson

Publication date: 18/08/2015

Murder in Little Shendon is a suspenseful and page-turner novel that hooked me from the beginning reminding me of the style of one of my favorite authors Agatha Christie.

“There is evil here. I feel it. It is close by, perhaps not in our house here, but it is in our village, and it must be stopped”

The owner of an antique shop is brutally murdered and nothing seemed to be taken. As the investigation moved forward all the people seemed suspicious and with a motive to the murder, as the victim was all but a likable man. Inspector Burguess calls in reinforcements and they arrived in the form of Sir Victor and his actor friend Benson.

“…The help is appreciated gentleman, but one word of warning…be careful. There may be a very dangerous person in our midst, and sometimes…just sometimes, asking questions, the wrong ones…or perhaps I should say the right ones..could prove deadly. Anyone who seems to be unlikely is a possibility; the only thing we can completely rule out is the impossible”

Slow paced, engaging and twisty plot

The story evolves in a way which is not super fast paced but still drives you to keep reading to see what happens. It might seem like something discouraging but it matched perfectly with the way the story is written.  I loved the writing style, it was direct and without many fioriture and descriptions which I don’t tend to like.

So, I thought I knew how the story will turn out, but I was wrong. I was surprised by more than one twist and how the author managed to start one way and completely turned to be something else without creating incongruencies.

Perfect picture of a small village

One of my favorite things was how vivid and picturesque Shendon seemed to be. Shendon is a small village where nothing bad really happens until this murder. This rattles the village and its inhabitants. It was very well drafted how the investigation affected them and how anybody could be responsible. Just the mentioned of the police coming to interrogate them and they will stand on guard and looked suspicious, which made you doubt everybody. I love books where you just don’t know who to trust.

“Good Hobbs. Learning to see. Very important for a police officer. Anyone can look; everybody looks, but seeing is quite another thing”.

In addition, you have the typical rumors and gossip from a small town where everybody knows everybody. They can also appreciate the different types of weirdos. You have the new and pretty new woman who hides something; the sensual and beautiful single woman who is looking for a man; the widow; the hermit; and, of course, the crazy one Lady Armstrong, all of them were wonderfully defined.

Charismatic duo of characters

My other favorite thing was the main characters: Sir Victor and Benson. They are quite opposite but great working together.

Sir Victor used to work in the MI5 before and he was called when the murder victim is known to have worked for them too. He has a lot of contacts and great intellect. He has family in the village but he doesn’t hesitate to ask them the difficult questions to get to the truth.

Benson on the other side has no experience dealing with violence other than interpreting something related to it. He is a somewhat well-known actor. He is charming and knows how to read peoples reactions and expressions. He knows when to push and when it’s better to be more of a pleaser. He was pretty good at getting answers from the villagers.

The combination of both was a pleasure to read. I’m eager to read the next installment and where is the next investigation taking place.

My only objection is that the end felt a bit too rush like suddenly they realized this was the answer and it was presented.

I highly recommend it if you enjoy a good mystery to solve.

Have you read this book?Would you be interested in reading it?



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