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Book Review- A Toast to Murder

Hello readers,

Today is the publication date for ‘A Toast to Murder’ by Allyson K. Abbott. This is a murder mystery and the fifth book in the Mack’s Bar Mystery Series. As a fifth book in a series and from my reading experience I recommend to read first the previous ones to fully understand the context of this book.

A toast to murder

A Toast to Muder by Allyson K. Abbott

Publication date: 25 July 2015

Publish by Kensington Books

Rate: interesting

Mack Dalton is the owner of a bar and she has a disorder named synthenesia which implies that whenever she experience a feeling this is felt as a mix of several feelings combine. What before was seen as a disadvantage is now used to help the police solved cases. In this case Mack is receiving threatening letters which challenge her in a game were the stakes are very high. If she doesn’t meet the deadline, someone close to her will die. She has been with this for a while now and two people close to her have died.

Unique investigative procedure

I was very intrigued to read this book due to the disorder aspect and how would this be used in a police investigation and helped solved the case. It was fascinating to see how this was put to use. How the fact that Mack could “taste” people’s voices allowed her to know when someone was lying to her. And how this alaso helped her seeing things that other people missed.

Furthermore, a complete group of people with completely different backgrounds helping in the solving of a case was something that I haven’t read before, so it was interesting to see the dynamic of the group and how each of the characters personalities and previous experience helped. Though in this case this showed little I really enjoyed whenever the group was together and discussed.

Well-developed characters

 I must confessed that when I requested this book I didn’t know that it was a series nor that it wasn’t the first book. It seems that this letter writing thing started a book or couple ago, so that explains some of my feeling of having lost some part. I’m not certain how much was spoken in the previous installment but I got the feeling, for the most part of the book, that something had happened before that we, readers, were not aware of even though we were following the point of view of Mack. This made me feel lost for most part of it. Like for example, the book starts with someone sending letters to Mack threating to kill her family and friends if she doesn’t follow through with the challenge and find the next clue. But they have already killed two people and Mack already suspects one person. But that part was skipped and gone to the conclusion.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy Mack’s character. She is very smart and had had insecurities due to her disorder but now she is determined to put it in good use.

Slow pace

In addition, I felt like for most part nothing really happened regarding the solving of the clues. It was like Mack didn’t give much attention to this and was postponing the day to find the clue when she could be wrong with the solution and didn’t get enough time to find the right one. Even more, an employee has already died because she was wrong and didn’t have enough time to find the correct one (this happened in a previous book apparently). It was like she didn’t care and prioritize other personal things.

As for the big finale it wasn’t as if they knew for sure who did it and “accused” him or her. It was solved in other way, which was intriguing to read.

Overall, even though that it had some flaws I did enjoy the reading and I think that I will be giving a chance to the series, starting from the first one.

I received an eARc via Netgalley in echange for an honest review.

Have you read any of the books in the series? What did you think? Would you be interested?


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