Top 5 series I want to finish this year

Hello readers,

I have started and continue many series lately but I have come to realize that  i’m not so good at finishing them. They are always a new series that I want to start or other book that I want to read. For today’s post I would like to share my top 5 series I want to finish this year. These are series for which I have at least read the first book and all the books have been already released.

The Lunar Chronicles

The lunar chronicles

This is the series that made me start liking sci-fi and retellings. I have read up until Cress so technically I’m only pending Winter if I don’t count the novellas. I know that Winter is the biggest one so I might be intimidated by the size but it’s definitely a book that I want to read this year and see how finally everything wraps up.

All Fall Down

All fall down series

I really like this conspiratory series though I do have a problem with these covers. I don’t know why they put those pictures as they doesn’t represent the book at all. I have read the first two so I’m just in the final book and I have been liking it. The second book ended in a revelation and I need to know what is going to happen.

The Heroes of Olympus


Entertaining, fun and addictive and yet Im pending the last two books. I love mythology so this is a great series. I think they are perfect for this summer so most probably will finished them then.

Firebird series

Firebird series

Spectacular series on love and industrial spionage. I have only read the first one and was really surprise with the concept of the book. Multi-dimensional travelling, spionage, and love.

The Naturals

The naturals

Best thriller YA series I have ever read. I am missing reading the fourth book. I remember having a reading slump after finishing the third as many things happened, a lot of questions were answered but may more were raised and I just can’t wait to read the last one.

What are the series that you want to finish? Have you read any of these?


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