Other than books

Other than books

Hello Readers,

Today I thought of sharing with you my lately TV obssesion. As I don’t have much time for TV whenever I find a series that I like I tend to just binge watch all the available seasons. This months TV show that I want to talk about is:

Miss fihsher murder mysteries

‘Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries’ is a fun, intriguing and addictive series with a complex and unique murder to solve in each episode. It is set in Australia in the 20s  so a woman detective  so unafraid of taking a step and solving crimes is very unique and daring. It is based in the books  written by Kerry Greenwood.

In addition to the fantastic cases the characters are amazing. Miss Phryne Fisher is everything you want in a female lead character. She is intelligent, witty, bold and does whatever she wants without paying attention to others people opinions of her.

Miss Dorothy Williams (Dot) is a great second character. She is a catholic woman that starts working for Miss Fisher and this changes everything for her , becoming stronger and trying things otherwise she wouldn’t have done. Her development during the series was remarkable. In addition, she is so sweet that you just want to become friends with her.

As the male counterparts Detective Jack Robinson and Hugh Collins stand out too. Detective Jack Robinson is the perfect partner for Miss Fisher, he is smart and experience in the matter of investigating crimes.

Hugh Collins is such an adorable and lovable character that can be tough when the situation is required.

There are 3 seasons available in Netflix now and I have read that they are going to make movies too.

Have you seen it? Do you think is something that you can like?



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