Bout of Books #19 Final Recap

Hello readers,

So the Bout of Books readathon ended yesterday, and though I was hoping to have read a bit more I’m totaly okay with the books I read, cause I really enjoyed them.

The first book that I finished was ‘The rise of the sea witch’ and this is an origin story about Ursula. Let me tell you that it was fantastic, it humanizes the figure of Ursula in a great way.

The second book I read was ‘Map of fates’ which is the second book in the trilogy of ‘The Conspiracy of Us’. I loved loved the first book and thought that nothing could top it but I was wrong. This book has even more action than the previous one and I liked how all is coming together. Can’t wait for the third one to be released in July 🙂


In addition to these I have been listening to the audiobook ‘To catch a Killer’ getting more or less 4 hours in. Haven’t finished it yet, but I was hoping it to be more, let’s see.

Well, these are the books that I managed to read during the readathon, what about you?Did you achieve your goal?



2 comentarios sobre “Bout of Books #19 Final Recap

  1. I’m so happy to see Map On Fates on here! I LOVED the first two books and it’s such a shame the series isn’t more popular… Definitely one of the more underrated YA series out there. I’m looking forward to book three as well!

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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