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Book Review – The antique house murders

The antique house murders

Title: The Antique House Murders

Author: Lesli Nagel

Publication date: 30 May 2017

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Alibi

Rate: Terrific

Hello readers,

Today I’m reviewing ‘The antique house murders’ which is the second book in the cozy mystery series The Oakwood mystery series. Even though is a continuation you can still read this book without having to read the first one.

Great Second book instalment 

Just one word comes to mind to describe it: perfection. I loved everything about this book: characters, the mystery, the setting, pace, romance and friendship. In this book, we are following Charley as she investigates the murder of one of her friends, an auctioneer, while putting herself in danger once again. After the death of Augusta Mulbridge, her children decide to sell the properties and it the contents, but not everybody is happy with the possibility of new people coming to town.

Vivid and rich set of characters

In addition to the characters that appeared in the first book we are also introduced to new ones. These ones are so vivid and three dimensional that seem to come out of the book. I especially enjoyed Vanessa, Dimitri’s sister. She is a strong woman set on becoming a policeman. I liked how she reacts when Charley asks her to do something for the investigation like she is an adrenaline younkie. And Dimitri appears more in this book too which I enjoyed more.

And Charley, she just keeps getting better. I enjoyed her interactions with Marcus and how she pieces together the answers faster than the police. She is reckless and bold and sometimes I was shouting at her to think or tell someone before acting. She is willing to take any risks to uncover the truth, even putting her life in danger or her relationship. Nevertheless, I can totally picture myself being friends with Charley.

I found Marcus adorable but  he was stubborn when it came to Charley presenting him with some evidence. He rejected her evidence or theories though I came to realise that he did it to try to make her stay safe.

Complex and mysterious

The best part of the story was to see how the murders linked together. It was a twist after a twist as new things are discovered and unravelled. I was surprised with the ending, wasn’t expecting it, which made me enjoy it much more.

I liked how the pieces of the puzzle are put together by Charley and how she uses the rumours that circulates in a small town where everybody knows each other to come to the truth.

I can’t wait to read in what other troubles Charley gets into in the next book.

I certainly love Leslie Nagel writing and complex mysteries and I recommend it to those who likes a good mystery.

*I received this book via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.



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