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Book Review -Waiting for the Laird


Title: Waiting for the Laird

Author: Willa Black

Publisher: The wild rose press

Genre: Romance

Publication date: 19 Oct 2016

Rate: interesting

Where to find it? Amazon, Goodreads

Hello readers,

Today I’m reviewing a book that talks about second chances in life and a story of a slow burning romance in the beautiful Scotland.

Lara, her husband and her twin daughter and son decided to buy a house in a small village in Scotland and reformed it. Unfortunately, in a trip back to the US, the husband, Angus, died unexpectedly. With the loss still fresh Lara decides that the best thing for her and her children is to go back to Scotland and finish the reforms in the house. To help with the construction and the reforms she hires Ian Paterson, a Scottish and handsome man who is interested in the house history and his connection to his own family and his new boss.

Add to the mix a bit of history and a ghost and you have a charming and romantic read.

‘We never had a chance to say goodbye. The thought always made her chest feel like hollowed-out shell, dry, brittle and ready to shatter into a thousand pieces’

Beautiful setting

When I read that the book was set in Scotland I decided to pick it up. It captures perfectly the rhythm and the life style of a small village. I liked the paranormal and the history element that was added to the story. I think it merged perfectly with the pace without overtaking it, as the romance was still the main focused.

Slow burning and heartfelt romance

The best part was the interactions between Lara and Ian. You can feel their attraction and the sparks raising as well as their reluctance to take a step on it, each for different reasons. It is described in a way that wants you to know more without being corny.

Second chances in life

This is a wonderful book about love and loss. It describes perfectly the stages of loss (the denial, the acceptance…) and how it affects each one in a different way and how we try to overcome it. I couldn’t help but feel sorry and sad for Lara when she was remembering or talking about her late husband. But in a way, it also tells you that time heals and that life brings second and third chances you just need to take them.

‘Lately, the strength of her yearning for him was beginning to fade, and although she supposed that was another step in the grieving process, it unsettled her’

*I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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