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Book Review – Follow me


Title: Follow me

Author: Tiffany Snow

Rate:  Excellent

Where to find it? Amazon, Goodreads

Hello readers,


Today I am bringing to you the review of Follow Me by Tiffany Snow.

With only 23 years old, China Mack works for the best technology company, earns a very good salary and is content with her schedule to the minute life she is living. But suddenly, her well organized life starts changing, a drop dead gorgeous man moves next door, her niece shows up in ther door and she is assigned to a new project which turns out deadly.

Hilarious and geek main character

I had such a great time reading this book. I laughed a lot with the internal dialogues of China Mack, the main character. She is  a super smart computer geek. With just 23 years old she had finished her 3 degrees but had always had difficulties socialising. She lives her life based on a strict schedule and whenever  she doesn’t follows it she feels distressed. I liked her personality and you can feel that she had had a hard time with people since she was a kid, I think that is why she felt so genuine to me, she didn’t pretend which let to some unconfortable and awkward situations.

‘People expect smiles. It makes them feel more confortable’. My mother had drilled that into me before her death.

‘Screw what people expect. Their expectations aren’t your responsibility to fulfill’

Even though she starts this way I loved the development of her character as she is forced to forget her schedule and routines and move out of her comfort zone and try to experiment life far away from a computer. This comes in part thanks to her niece Mia, who unexpectedly comes to live with her, the new neighbor Clark and her gorgeous boss Jackson.

It isn’t just her character that I enjoyed Mia was also very funny and she was always trying to push her aunt to live a little and that was exactly what China needed.

Wonderful romance

The author does a great job with the characters development and planting the seeds for the development of the romance, that never felt rushed or non sensical. There were some scenes that made me laugh and others I felt a little pitty for her. I liked the relationship between China and Jackson they seemed perfect for each other.

‘Jackson was a genious in both areas. Perhaps he was more akin to an artist than anything else in the work he did.’

Action pack and intriguing

The pace of the story is fast and action packed, you might think you know where the story is leading but you are surprised with turns and twists. I enjoyed the fact that it also made you think about the consequences and implications that technology has in our world. Especially what can happened whenever a cutting edge tecnology product falls into the wrong hands.

‘The military implications of what we’d done and how the technology could be used by people with less than altruistic purposes still kept me awake some nights, but that was the thing with advancement in technology. It wasn’t as though you could put the genie back in the bottle. Once something was achieved, there would always be people who could turn even the most innocuous thing into a way to kill people.’

This is my first book of this author and I loved her writing style, the plot and the characters and I definitely will recommend this book to any romanctic suspense lovers, you will have a fun reading it and it will keep you gripped to the chair until you finish it.



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