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Book Review – Follow me

Title: Follow me Author: Tiffany Snow Rate:   Where to find it? Amazon, Goodreads Hello readers,   Today I am bringing to you the review of Follow Me by Tiffany Snow. With only 23 years old, China Mack works for the best technology company, earns a very good salary and is content with her schedule to the… Sigue leyendo Book Review – Follow me

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Book Review – Cruel Beauty

 Title: Cruel Beauty Author:Rosamund Hodge Rating:  Where to find it? Goodreads, Amazon Hello readers, I know it’s been long since my last post and I have missed it. Hopefully now that I have settled in my new house I have time to blog more frequently. Today’s post is a review from ‘Cruel Beauty’ by Rosamund… Sigue leyendo Book Review – Cruel Beauty