My most anticipated releases for 2017

Hello readers,

As 2016 is getting to an end I would like to share with you all my most anticipated releases for the coming year. I was searching for this on Goodreads new realeases and there are pretty amazing books coming in 2017. It was very hard to narrow the list to just these 13 books. Some of the books are standalones, others are continuations of series I have started and others the first book in a new series, but without further ado let’s jump into it: (You can click on the title to read the blurb)

‘Poison’s Kiss’ by Breeana Shields. This YA fantasy novel will hit shelves on the 10th of January.

‘Traveler’ by L.E. DeLano. Another YA fantasy novel in which characters come to life and there are alternate realities and this sounds pretty amazing. This book will be released on the 7th of February.

‘To catch a killer’ by Sheryl Scarborough. This is a YA mystery-thriller book that will hit shelves on the 7th of February. I heard that this book is similaar to Veronica Mars and I loved that TV Show so I’m willing to give it a chance.

‘Wintersong’ by S. Jae-Jones. This is a retelling of Labyrinth that comes out on the 7th of February. I have read good reviews about it so I want to give it a try.

‘Long may she reign’ by Rhiannon Thomas. This is a YA fantasy novel. It has political intrigue and mystery and the cover is amazing. This book hits shelves on the 21st of February.

‘Hunted’ by Meagan Spooner. This is a YA retelling of the Beauty and the beast, and I never read enough retellings of the Beauty and the Best. It will be out on the 14th of March.

‘Blood on the beach’ by Sarah N. Harvey. Another YA mystery book that hits shelves on the 21st of March. I love a good mystery and this one looks like my cup of tea.

‘A court of wings and ruin’ by Sarah J. Maas. This is the third installment in the ‘ A Court of thorns and roses’ and it comes out on 2nd of May. I was destroyed when I finished ACOMAF I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, I bet it will be awesome.

‘Murder among the stars’ by Adam Shankman and Laura L. Sullivan. A murder mystery among the elite of Hollywood and it will come out on the 13th of June.

‘And then there were four’ by Nancy Werlin.  This YA mystery says ‘Lets not die today. Not even to make things easier for our parents’. This novel will hit shelves on the 6th of June. This reminded me a little about Agatha Christie’s ‘And then there were none’ so I can’t wait to read it.

‘The wood’ by Chelsea Bobulski. This YA fantasy novel comes out on the 1st of August. This book sounds very intriguing and is a mix of fantasy and mystery.

‘The Arsonist’ by Stephanie Oakes. This is a YA mystery novel that will be released on the 22nd of August. Another promising mystery and the cover is amazing too.

‘Wonder Woman: warbringer’ by Leigh Bardugo. This YA superhero novel hits shelves on the 29th of August. This is my favorite on the list and can’t wait to read it. I love superheroes, especially Wonder Woman. I believe this one gets out after the movie. Also in the same year they will come out Superman and Batman but there are no concrete dates yet.

What are your most anticipated releases for 2017?



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