Blog Feature – Muggles and Mundanes

Hello readers,

Today I’m featuring Iman’s blog. She is an amazing blogger and posts frequently and great  content so definitely go check her blog out! I’ll leave her information below.

Now, do you feel the same as her about booktube and book blogging?



Let’s talk is a new segment I’ll be starting where I talk about random things that come to me. Today I’ll be starting my first blog post in this new segment so I hope you like it.

This came to me while I was watching Regan’s (Peruseproject) December TBR video. I started thinking of the difference between a book blog and booktube. Some of you might think that there isn’t really that much of a difference.but to some people there is. There is a lot of factors that lead people to pick one or the other or maybe even both.

I’m not here trying to figure it out why you decided to pick a book blog or booktube but to explain the things that led me to start a book blog and not a booktube. I feel like its not just one thing that led me to this decision.

I am the type of person who has to talk about what they read. The amazing parts, the bland ones and about the story as a whole and being the only avid reader in my family its hard to find a person to express those feelings with anyone in my household. Where I live, I don’t really know that many people and my reader friends are in other countries and thus one of the reasons why I made this.

I am a very bubbly person in real life. I crack one too many jokes and love meeting new people but I can really be shy at times, especially when I am under pressure. I don’t feel like my personality would be seen on camera and honestly I don’t I am capable of putting myself out there like that.

I am a writer. I can type for days without getting tired, I can pour my heart and soul into a piece of writing without regrets and put forth something I am proud of. Not that I wouldn’t be proud of having a Youtube channel, I just wouldn’t be comfortable and being uncomfortable would mean that I am not giving it my whole.

On WordPress I can have a thousand identities, a thousand personalities and not be the one person I always am.  I can live a thousand lives and do everything I love without that much of hate. I know I am making this sound so weird and confusing but it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly I want to say.

Maybe this will be a platform for me to grow out of my shell and take the next step but until then I am fully competent with the fact that in this little nook of the internet I feel like I am getting to where I want to be.

I feel like I getting way too dramatic but I mean what I say. Writing the above paragraphs made me forget about what else I wanted to say. If I remember I’ll definitely update this post. I bet you’re wondering how I forgot but I am a very forgetful person.

I would love to here what led you all to start book blogs. Comment below if you think I should do more of these posts and what your thoughts are on this matter.

Till next time,



Iman’s Bloghttps://mugglesandmundanes.wordpress.com/

Iman’s Posthttps://mugglesandmundanes.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/book-blog-or-book-tube-lets-talk/

Iman’s Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/44135547-iman-ali


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