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Book Review – The Reader


Title: The Reader

Author: MK Harkins

Rate:  Not bad

Where to find it? Amazon, Goodreads

Ann awokes wounded  and with amnesia. She doesn’t remember who she is, how she got to that beach and why she is hurt.  A little after awakeing,  two boys approached her and told her that they were there to help her. They lead her to their complex where she learns that in addition to the humans there are three other races. One, the readers who are capable of reading other peoples mind and are inmortal; then there are also the jacks, that can make people change their mind and can occupy their bodies; and, the seers who are able to see the future. But there are not in  a peaceful living, and they in the verge of a war.

It is said that long ago, the seers had a vision were the ‘Lost One’ would stop the war by picking a side, while finding her/his true love. For thousands of years both races have been trying to find this person. Have they found it? What does Ann has to do with anything? And who are the boys that are helping her? Could she be a reader or a jack or a seer?

This is  a high paced and action pack YA fantasy novel easy to read in a sitting, and even though I did enjoy it there were aspects that didn’t sit well with me. So without further ado here are my thoughts.

floral-1321368_960_720 Characters

Although I found the character of Ann, Devon and Archer enjoyable and funny in the end I felt that I didn’t care what might happened to them as I haven’t really gotten to know them.  The rhythm of the story is so fast that there isn’t enough time to develop their personalities in depth. Most of the development takes place in ‘behind the scenes’ like they have movie nights or similar things that made them get closer but you don’t even read about it, and it is mentioned briefly.

floral-1321368_960_720 Plot

For me the plot of the book was very promising. This world divided in different races with different powers but as I mentioned the paced was too fast which meant that key points like the world building or history,  were left without the proper explanation. For example, when they mentioned the different races and how the Seers came to their vision and what came after (no spoilers as this is know in the first pages), I was expecting a larger explanation as it is something key of the story, instead it was only a paragraph.

As in almost all YA novels there is a love relationship going on to add to the story. I did enjoy this part but yet again I didn’t feel like the development of the relationship was right and didn’t believe the feelings the author was describing. Maybe it was because it was more of instalove which I don’t like.

As a positive thing I was surprised with  the plot twists as I wasn’t epecting them.

floral-1321368_960_720 Writing Style

The writing style was easy to read and fast paced so I flew through the book. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy  a high paced novel but when the level of speed moves accordingly with the rest (characters development, world building, plot twists, etc). In this case it was too rushed. When I finished the book I had the feeling that a lot of things were missing explanation.

From my point of view it would have been better if it hadn’t been an standalone novel but a series, cause there were much more to dig into.

In all a book to have a good time and read in a sitting.

*I received this book in exchange of an honest review from Netgalley

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