Quote of the week

Quote of the week

Hello Readers,

This week’s quote of the week is taken from ‘A brush with death’ by Richard King

‘Whenever an author dies, their book sales pick up. For the reading public the death of a famous writer acts like a post -it note reminding them to read his or her work. When an author dies under suspicious circumstances, sales increase even more quickly’

A brush with death

What the blurb says

When famous author Ovid Holmes is murdered in his apartment, bookshop owner and wannabe sleuth, Sam Wiseman, finds himself drawn into the investigation. As he teams up with Detective Gaston Lemieux once again, the investigative duo have their work cut out. When they find an old newspaper article relating to a murder in the art world twenty years ago, they realise that Ovid’s research for his latest novel could have something to do with his own death. And as they delve deeper into the case, they uncover criminals who will do anything to stop their secrets from getting out . . .

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