My Top 4 favorite female characters

Hello Readers,

As you may already know  my favourite genres are romantic suspense and thriller, and I have read many books that fell within these categories. For today´s post, I am mentioning my favorite top 4 female characters in these books. Mostly, they are from authors that I loved and I have read several books of them. No secret that I enjoy reading a book where the female character is a strong, independent and intelligent woman with great careers ahead of them.

Eve Dallas from the “In Death” series

J.D Robb series

This shouldn´t come as a surprise because is not the first time that I mentioned these books. This is a book series written by one of my favorite authors from a long time now,  J.D. Robb. I have read several of the installments so I feel like I have got to know her pretty good. She is a survival. She had a horrible past (an abusive father), which for some might mean end up with a screw up live, but she didn´t let that stop her from becoming an amazing detective. She has a strong sense of justice which always drives her towards the right and hard choices and to protect people, even if they aren´t  good people.

Stevie Mazzeti from “Watch your back” 

watch your back final

“Watch your back” is written by Karen Rose and though I have read several of her books (they are all amazing, dark adn with twisted plots) my favorite would be this one.  Stevie is a homicide detective that lost her husband and her older son in what seemed to be a robbery gone wrong. She was left pregnant. She had to endure a very difficult time just to have her daughter but that never stopped her.

She is also very intelligent and brave but also very closed in her emotions, as she doesn´t want people close in case she can loose them, and is also very focused on her work. She is veyr good at reading other people’s faces and see if they are lying to solve a case.

Kay Scarpetta 

Scapetta series

Doctor Kay Scarpetta is the Chief  medical examiner created by Patricia Cornwell. I liked this series because you are able to see another side of the investigation of a  murder. In these books you can see two faces of Scarpetta. The family side (she takes her of her niece Lucy and elaborates on how to prepare nice italian food :)) and the professional one (how she investigates the cases and approaches the crime). There are several books in the series so you are able to see the evolution and development of the character. She gets fires, moves to another city, gets promoted, … which makes this character so much real.

Miss Marple 

Miss Marple series

Miss Marple from Agatha Christie’s, another of my favorite authors of all times. Who doesn´t like an adorable old lady that likes to stick her noise in other people’s business while  uncovering the truth behind an homicide? I think this character is just fascinating. She takes advantage of the façade of trusty old lady to get people to tell her things that in other situations they wouldn´t tell to anybody. She is also very good at reading people, and of course, very very intelligent.

Do you know any of these characters? What are you favorite female characters?


5 comentarios sobre “My Top 4 favorite female characters

  1. I used to love Kay, but I was baffled by the decision to go from a first-person narration to the third. Then I noticed a change in writing and in characters, and it was the end for me. Kay appeared as a know-it-all robot to me and I got bored. I do miss reading her story.

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  2. Nice blog post! I have a few(3) Karen Rose books but haven’t read this one yet, can’t really remember main characters in the others now. I’ve read Kay Scarpetta too and have also several of the series, but the last one I read was a little boring and I stopped there. Agatha Christies’ books I read in my teens, the first steps into mystery, loved them of course and was very happy there were so many of them. They came in all kinds of different colored book jackets, it was a beautiful series with these colors.

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