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Book Review: An unkind devotion

An unkind devotionTitle: An unkind devotion

Author: Elle Eaves

Genre: YA

Number of Pages: 350 pages

Where to find it: Amazon, Goodreads

Publication date: 12 June 2016

Hello Readers,

“If your love was the trigger for a trap that would destroy everything you care about, could you cut out your heart before it was too late?

Seventeen-year-old Sophia Harden has spent her life being uprooted. She knows better than to believe her mother when she says this move to small town Grimmell, NY is their last—and at first that’s fine with her. Grimmell doesn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat, and her mother’s calculated attempts to push Sophia on Ethan Warwick, handsome young scion of Grimmell’s first and richest family, leave both Sophia and Ethan doing everything in their power to avoid each other.

But forces neither of them is aware of are working toward a sinister goal—one that could spell ruin for both of them.

For unbeknown to Sophia, she carries within her a dark power: a curse capable of a devastation no one can recover from. And her connection to Ethan is at the core of a wicked plot for revenge that began long before her birth.”

Sophia, is used to be moving all the time due to her mother´s job. Whenever she has tried to settle down, make friends and get attached to a place in order to call it home, her mother find another job and they end up moving again. So now, new to Grimmell she doesn´t attempt to make friends as she knows it won´t last. Though something has changed, her mother doesn´t seem to want to move anymore and keeps pushing her to go out with Ethan Warwick. The rich and handsome boy, newphew to Catherine´s (Sophia´s mother) new employer.

Even though they tried to maintain their distances they find drawn to each other.

I had mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, I think that the plot is amazing very twisted and unexpected. On the other hand, I felt like it has focused too much on other stuff rather than the core of the book that most of the time I just was there reading expecting for something to happen. It wasn´t until the last 100 pages that the action starts happening and the story unravels. And let me tell you, left me shocked, as the book isn´t what I expected.

Don´t get me wrong, I did enjoy many things about the book. I liked Sophia and Ethan characters, both of them loners, with a very sarcastic humour and very smart. I also liked Amory´s character, when he is first introduce you don´t give him a thought but I think that his personality is very well drafted. And for Catherine´s character, the author achieves what she wanted, the readers despise this character both as a mother and a woman. Great job on that.

Another thing I liked about this book is the plot itself and the world created. I was very surprised with the ending, I was having suspicious but definitely didn´t get all of it. The author did an amazing job giving hints and telling bits of the story which didn´t seem to add to the story but they merge together amazingly in the end.

Though the plot was great I wasn´t very happy with the development of the book. I get that you need to tell the story and show how the characters evolve and develop, but from my point of view there were too many pages without anything happening. I was reading expecting that there was something that had to happen and was very disappointed when it didn´t. That is why I gave this book a three rating.




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