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Book Review: The Perfect Descent

The perfect descentTitle: The Perfect Descent

Author: Jessica Holbrook

Number of Pages: 292

Publication date: 5 April 2016

Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

Where to find it: Amazon, Goodreads

“Deacon Shaw is a washed up marine turned mercenary turned boozer employed to protect and train Madison Benchley-Lawrence, the youngest member in a grossly wealthy, world renowned family. But when tragedy strikes the family, and they begin to drop like flies one after the other, Deacon finds himself challenged against one of New York’s notorious serial killers police have been chasing for the past fifteen years. Deacon is forced to confront his past he has tried to bury for years, fight to the death, piece together the sad, twisted, shady lives of the multi-billion dollar Benchley’s. He will tackle feelings he has never before felt in his life; pity, sympathy, sadness. Would he even dare to go as far to think”

Hello Readers,

The Benchley Family  is like royalty, they are rich, handsome and own a multi million dollar health care company. They provide funds to charity and have a perfect family. Twenty years ago, the Benchley  parents were brutally murdered, leaving behind 4 brothers and a sister. They never found the killer or had any leads. Now, new murderers are happening, they are killing the living members of the Benchley family one by one and in the same macabre way as years ago. Who is behind those attacks? What do they want? To protect his little sister, Spencer Benchley hires ex marine slash ex mercenary Deacon Shaw to be her bodyguard and to train her in personal defense. But can Deacon help Madison before is too late?

I started reading this book just having read what the blurb said. I must say that it has way more than what is described in the cover. Soon after the first pages I was caught in the world of Madison Benchley and Deacon Shaw. This is a turn-page thriller that will keep you anxious to know what is going to happen in the next pages, I wasn’t able to put it down.

The characters are well defined, with personalities that come out of the pages. Definitely my favorite character is Deacon. He is a womanizer and an alcoholic, an ex marine turned ex mercenary, that is trying to survive in life without really living it. He is smart and has a big mouth, and he is comfortable in his own skin.I was quite amused when he was offered the job at first and he tries to refuse it, in his own words: “I’d love to save a damsel – in – distress from danger just as much as the next superman, but I do population control, intelligence gathering, counter intelligence. Ambushing and counter ambushing. Snipping and counter snipping. Evacuation and evade, infiltration, exfiltration. Penetration, air assault and airborne rappelling. I do strike and surveillance, that sort of stuff. I don’t do babysitting man”. I like that he doesn’t hide who he is.

I find it very hard to connect with Madison, specially in the beginning. She seems like a shallow woman, only caring about her looks and appearances, obeying everybody’s orders about what she has to do with her life. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t tried to change. As the story unravels I was able to understand her much better, but at some point I still just wanted to shout to her “What is wrong with you woman?”. The rest of the secondary characters I could understand very well why they acted as they did though I feel that for Spencer (Madison’s big brother) I needed a bit more details on his character and actions.

One of the most attractive things of this book was the plot: it kept you guessing almost until the end and there are some unexpected twists and a few scares. In this types of books I am  always trying to figure out who is the killer. In this case, I wasn’t that surprise with the uncovering but the motive behind it really shocked me. I also liked the way it is written with action in almost every page and with intense dialogues that keep you reading.

I enjoyed it because it kept you wondering and thinking that nothing is as it looks, that looks are deceiving and that money corrupts people and makes surface a dark side of them or maybe they are born this way?

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.





4 comentarios sobre “Book Review: The Perfect Descent

  1. Nice review. I also like thrillers that keep you guessing to the end.This sounds really good and you mentioned twists and some scary aspects which make it sound like the perfect read. Thanks for putting this on my radar. I hadn’t heard about it.

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