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Murder list

Julie Garwood- Murder list

Title: Murder List

Author: Julie Garwood

Number of pages: 425

Where to find it: Amazon, Goodreads


Hello Readers!

“When Chicago detective Alec Buchanan is offered a prime position with the FBI, it is the perfect opportunity to leave the Windy City and follow in his brothers’ footsteps to the top echelons of law enforcement. But first he must complete one last assignment (and one that he is not too happy about): acting as a glorified bodyguard to hotel heiress Regan Hamilton Madison. The gorgeous exec has become entangled in some potentially deadly business. Someone has e-mailed her a graphic crime-scene photo–and the victim is no stranger.

Regan suspects that the trouble started when she agreed to help a journalist friend expose a shady self-help guru who preys on lonely, vulnerable women. In fact, the smooth-as-an-oil-slick Dr. Lawrence Shields may be responsible for the death of one of his devotees, which was ruled a suicide. Hoping to find some damning evidence, Regan attends a Shields seminar.

At the gathering, the doctor persuades his guests to partake in an innocent little “cleansing” exercise. He asks them to make a list of the people who have hurt or deceived them over the years, posing the question: Would your world be a better place if these people ceased to exist? Treating the exercise as a game, Regan plays along. After ten minutes, Shields instructs the participants to bring their sheets of paper to the fireplace and throw them into the flames. But Regan misses this part of the program when she exits the room to take a call–and barely escapes a menacing individual in the parking lot.

The experience is all but forgotten–until the first person on Regan’s list turns up dead. Shock turns to horror when other bodies from the list start to surface, as a harrowing tango of desire and death is set into motion. Now brutal murders seem to stalk her every move–and a growing attraction to Alec may compromise her safety, while stirring up tender emotions she thought she could no longer feel. Yet as the danger intensifies and a serial killer circles ever closer, Regan must discover who has turned her private revenge fantasies into grisly reality.”

When Regan Madison first agreed to help her friend Sophie in her investigation into Dr Shields, she would never guessed thinks will turned out as they did. What started as a         ” cleansing” exercise for all the bad energy she had inside, would turned out to be this deadly. The Murder list she wrote and supposed to burn endeded in the worst hands possible. Now, the people that appeared in there are showing up dead. Before is too late she has to figure out who is behind all those murders.

I have read several books of this author and I just loved them. The suspense behind and the love story are so well defined that merged amanzingly into the plot.

I really liked the part of the killer. You can really feel his struggle and his internal fight. Though at some point I felt that the story of the murder was left to a second plan.

Detective Alec Buchanan is assigned to serve as bodyguard of Regan until he leaves for a new position in the FBI, based in Boston. He is assigned for 3 weeks, after either they have catched the killer or a new detective will be assigned.I liked a lot how the love story is being built little by little, at a slow pace. Unlike other love stories that I have read where they just met and fell crazy in love for each other. This is what makes it more real and also what keeps you reading. Just want to figure out what is gonna happened.

Even though I really enjoyed the book, at some points I missed some police work and more action from that side.

Overall, a book I recommend to have a good time. What do you think? Did you read it? 🙂


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