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Christmas gift ideas!

Hello Readers!

With Christmas just around the corner everybody is looking for the perfect gift. Here are some very good ideas for you! Some of them new releases coming this December.

Jnson equation

Janson Equation by Robert Ludlum. A conspiracy that converts the son of a US Senator in a murderer of her girlfriend Lynell. Soon after the former government agents now private security Janson and Kincaid soon realized that things are not what it seems.

peter james billionaire

Billionaire by Peter James. What would you do to maintain a certain style live? This answer is put to the test when a city stockbroker looses his comfortable life when he have a bad play in the commodities market.

something wicked

Something Wicked by Kerry Wilkinson. The disappearance of a young adult in his eighteenth birthday and the recovery of three of his fingers left his father to hired private detective Andrew Hunter.

Deadly christmas secret

Deadly Christmas secrets: mission rescue by Shirlee McCoy, a murder in the loose with the Christmas holiday as background. Perfect for these holidays. Harper Shelby is decided to find out the truth on the murders of her sister and niece. To protect her and help her in the quest for the murderer Logan Fitzgerald will stay close.

the iced princess

The Iced princess by Christine Husom is another Christmas setting mystery novel. Just to put you in the mood for the holidays. With the Christmas period starting now, Alice Nelson the coffee shop owner needs to hire additional help. What she didn’t expect is to find the new aid murder in the back of the shop by drinking a poisoned cup of coffee.

Hope you like them! 🙂




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