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The key of Solomon

La llave de Salomon

Title: The Key of Solomon

Author: Jose Rodrigues Dos Santos

Number of pages: 622

Publication date: May 2015

Hello Readers!

The body of Frank Bellamy, the director of the Science and Technology area of the CIA, is found in the installations of the CERN, in Switzerland, with a note that contains “The Key: Tomás Noronha” and a symbol, making the CIA believe that in his last moments Frank was pointing out who his killer was.

In addition a high classified and valuable project of the late Frank Bellamy has gone missing, this project is key to allow the CIA go a step ahead from their enemy. The director of the area of National Clandestine Services is willing to take any action needed to get his hands on it. Afterwards he will realize that Tomas is his best chance to find it.

Tomás Noronha a retired professor now a scientist consultant of the Gulbenkian Foundation, receives a day after coming from a trip to Switzerland an anonymous package with “the key of Solomon” , a pentacle which is consider as the key of a magic book attributed to the King Solomon.

After a brief encounter with an especial agent from the CIA, Tomás realizes that he is the prime suspect of director Frank Bellamy´s death and that the best way to clear his name is to find out who the real killer is. With Maria Flor, the manager of the residence where his mother is living and soon to be girlfriend, they travelled to the centre of the conspiracy, Washington. There, with the help of the son of the victim and the key of Solomon, they move towards the resolution of the murder and the finding of the missing project.

This bestselling Portuguese author, Jose Rodrigues dos Santos, makes an amazing job mixing the most modern physics theories with the storyline of this thriller. He is able to explain the most complex experiments and theories of classic and modern physics in a way that is accessible and understandable for everyone, though sometimes the explanation of the theories seems to take too much time considering the circumstances of the character (Tomás is being chased to be killed by the CIA), which can make not very credible those situations.

The link between the different theories, the key of Solomon, the missing project and the murder of Frank Bellamy is well outlined and the characters, their motivations, desires and personalities are up to the challenge. You can find the know everything ex university professor, the director that won´t stop until he gets what he wants, the cold hearted killer, etc.  You can even experiment the desire to shut up one and kick another from time to time.

In all, a novel that won´t leave you indifferent.  Furthermore, you will end with an imperious necessity to know more about physics.

This is my opinion, but I would like to know yours 🙂



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