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The Search by Nora Roberts

The Search by Nora Roberts

Title: The search

Author: Nora Roberts

Number of pages: 472

Publication date: 1 April 2011

Where to find it: Amazon, Goodreads

Hello Readers!

When Fiona moves to the isle of The Orcas, after surviving a horrific kidnapping, an attempted murder and the murder of her fianceé, she thought that she had gone through the worse and that all those bad memories and experiences were in the past. To recover her life she decided to spend some time with her step mother in the isle of The Orcas, to later become something permanent. She started a new life, created her own company training dogs and she even helps other by leading the Canine Rescue Unit. Nevertheless, seems like the past is out to get her. A copy cat is replicating the original killings moving through the country and towards to Fiona, so he can finish what the previous murder started. Fortunately she is not alone, having befriended the people in the isle and finding a new love, Simon, she feels protected.

Nora Roberts is one of my favourite writers. whenever you need to read drama, love, mystery or murders, you can find it in her books. Even you can find futuristic romantic suspense through her series In Death featuring detective Eve Dallas.  and the style in which they are written is dynamic and realistic.

The Search is divided in 3 parts. In the first part you get to know what are the main characters and their story. A brief introduction of the new killings is presented and with it the chance to introduce what happened to Fiona and the other victims in the past. You might even think that this is not a detective kind of book, as the killings are relegated to the background and the allusion to them comes just twice. The truth is that you cannot forget that this is a love story and is the main angle of the book.

The second part of the book seems to me to be more dynamic. It focuses more in the personality and psychology of the copycat. You get to know the story behind the original killer and the one of the copycat. As the case evolves and becomes more real to Fiona the personality traits of the copycat appears (the isolation he felt before he became what he is, the freedom he experience, the need, why does he do this, etc). In my opinion reading a good detective novel means to know why the murderer does what he does. Does it have an end? Was he born this way or his circumstances made him? How does the murders affect him? Do they all need to be misogynist? why they kill how they kill? It’s hard to put this in a book, but when the author does it, it brings a new level of suspense to the book. In this case, the psychology is well define for both murderers, but the way the “original” murderer (I don´t want to spoil any detail) “frees” the copycat is a bit poor. I miss more details in that. It is also important to mention that even though the FBI appears in the book, doesn´t seem like they are doing much in the investigation. Maybe is because is true that sometimes the story revolves too much in the love relation than in the investigation.

Finally, the third part narrates how the killer is getting closer and closer to Fiona with the killing spree at the highest, and the love relation among the main characters has evolved.  In this case, I think that the end was fast.  All the preparation the copy cat had to end where he was and it all ended in a couple of pages.

Another key angle of the story, besides the killings and the love story, is the work Fiona does for the Canine Rescue Unit. I didn’t know how it was done, the preparation it needed and the procedures followed, but I enjoyed reading about it. The description of the work and the trainings is very good.

A good book to enjoy 🙂

This is my opinion but I would like to know yours!



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