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New acquisitions!!

I am enjoying my summer holidays in London, and I found this great library where you can find everything! I liked so much this place that you will know more about it in another post. For now these are the books that I bought today at Foyles.

J.D. Robb - Reunion in deathAnother novel of the series “In Death” from J.D Robb. On the day of his sixtieh birthday,Walter C. Pettibone is blissfully unaware of his impending death. His final act in life is to accept a glass of champagne by a woman with startling green eyes. Big mistake. Homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas knows she faces a deadly foe – one with a frightening vendetta. And as the chase draws Eve dangerously close to her own past, her focus slips.

But then Eve’s billionaire husband´s name is put on Julianna’s fatal list- and Eve ups her game. Luring Julianna into a dangerous trap which puts everyone at risk, Eve finds herself fighting for more than justice.

Mary Higgins Clark - Daddy's little girlAt just 7 years old, Ellie Cavanaugh lost her sister Andrea to a brutal murderer. It was her testimony that put Robson Westerfield away, but now, 22 yearson, he is about to be released.

Ellie, now a writer and investigative reporter,senses trouble and travels to her hometown just as Westerfield arrives and begins a campaign to prove his innovence. Ellie still suspects him, as does her estranged father, and both are determined to thwart his attempts. But someone has other ideas…

Someone who is picking up where Westerfield left off, comitting other dangerous acts that send Ellie spiralling into a whirlwind of secrets, lies and deceit. Can she uncover the truth before a desperate killer sets his sights on her?

I think they are going to be good, but you’ll know more soon!!


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